Magento eCommerce Website Solutions

Digital commerce has exploded and your customers want their shopping experience to be easy, intuitive, and fast. We believe that a smart eCommerce website leads to greater online sales, less abandoned carts and more repeat customers. Our Magento eCommerce websites engage customers, engender loyalty and empower retailers by optimizing business operations.

Magento Design and Development

Smart Solutions creates consumer focused Magento eCommerce experiences that maximize your online potential. We believe a sound technology platform and ideal user experience will deliver positive results and yield higher profits.

  • Strategy and best practices
  • Visual and user experience design
  • Site development
  • Mobile commerce
  • B2B and B2C
  • Affiliate programs
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Search engine optimization
  • ERP integration
  • 3rd party extensions
  • Amazon and eBay integration
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Customer retention marketing
  • Customized shipping
  • Sales tax automation
  • Support and ongoing management

Magento Extension Partners

WebShopApps Magento Shipping ExtensionsWebShopApps produces a wide range of shipping extensions currently in use on tens of thousands of Magento sites worldwide.

Avalara Sales Tax AutomationBusinesses of all sizes face the burden of accurately calculating, collecting, and remitting transactional taxes.Avalara pioneered a cloud-based software platform that provides an end- to-end suite of sales and other tax compliance solutions.

Accounting integration, inventory management, order management, shipping, and fulfillmentAccounting integration, inventory management,
order management, shipping, and fulfillment, so you
can make better decisions and grow your business today. Unify connects all your sales channels with your accounting and shipping so you can save time on managing orders, inventory, and fulfillment.