WordPress Website Development

We not only deliver excellent end user interfaces but we provide an equally well thought out and intuitive back end experience for content editors. Our own custom WordPress framework includes a comprehensive set of hand selected plug-ins and shortcuts that make content editing easier, less time consuming and more efficient.

  • Reduced number of support requests
  • Increased site lifespan
  • Improved administrator satisfaction
  • Enhanced editor productivity
  • Easier editing with input forms
  • Retain design and style integrity
  • Enhanced security minimizes hacks
  • Improved search engine rankings

We Custom Build Websites

Your design is uniquely yours and your website will be personalized and easy to maintain. Most developers take shortcuts and purchase templates or only provide default administrator functionality. Although WordPress is a well-designed platform, Smart Solutions takes the extra steps to simplify your editing experience. We build your site so you don’t have to know HTML, shortcodes or PHP to edit content.

Why We Don’t Use Templates

Templates can look great on the outside but, if you look inside, the code is often a spaghetti mess and buggy. Non-technical users find content hard to maintain. Bad markup can hurt your search engine optimization. Poor programming often breaks across browsers.

WordPress Managed Solutions

Our Managed Solutions Plan keeps you educated and ensures your website remains secure and continues to perform well.