Managed Solutions

Supporting your website beyond launch to minimize risk and let you focus on what’s important – your business.

Managed Website Solutions

Your site is up and running on a content management platform so you have a lot of power to keep your content current.  However, we find many clients still have a need for ongoing development, support and consulting services.

Many businesses today are faced with the challenge of having to do more with less. Websites, applications and online tools are not something that a business or organization can launch and forget about. Your long term success depends heavily on your ability to keep an eye on the ball. That’s where Smart Solutions comes in.

Components of Web Strategy

Smart Solutions focuses on the three major components of web strategy to ensure that your website continues to operate at peak performance.

Web Strategy and Managed Solutions

Managed Solutions Advantages

  • Increases the life expectancy of your website
  • Frees internal resources to perform core business functions and tasks
  • Lessens the threat of security risks and hacks
  • Minimizes the risk of data loss and cost of recovery
  • Saves you money on regular maintenance and development work
  • Provides priority service and turnaround

Our Plan Includes

  • Scheduled annual website assessment
  • Backup and recovery services
  • Regular software upgrades
  • Optional discounted service hours
  • Priority service