About Smart Solutions

Quality work, customer service and a commitment to getting it right the first time. It’s how we do business.

Why Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions has been in business for over 11 years.  Our staff consists of experts who focus their careers on technology and the web. You will benefit from our expertise.

Our customized website frameworks deliver a better content editing experience and allows us
to expedite development.
  This framework is used as a baseline and we constantly work to
improve it. 

We don't use pre-coded templates. We develop each website based on your own business needs and content management goals. Your website will be built to fit the way you think, not the way an off-the-shelf template forces you to.

Our clients see measurable results. We ask and this is what we hear: “Increased sales and online contact requests”, “improved search engine results resulting in more traffic and phone calls”, “positive customer feedback”. Quantifiable website statistics show increased visitors, lengthier stays and more page views.

Our search engine optimization practices and CMS plug-ins help boost your online presence. Our customers generally end up with a higher search engine ranking without having to pay for it.

We offer trust, reliability and personal attention.  When it comes to technology, it is often hard for clients to distinguish between outstanding and competent.  Our customers ultimately appreciate our technical excellence but they hire us and stay with us because we are client-centered.  We make every effort to be helpful beyond the technical aspects of your project.

Our managed solutions plans extend the life of your website and help you remain proactive to ensure your site remains effective, is optimized and performs well.  We implement backup recovery strategies, upgrade your software regularly including important security updates and offer an annual assessment to review how your site is doing as your business landscape changes. 



Our website has increased in traffic over 250% since we redesigned with Smart Solutions. This can be directly attributed to the ease of the CMS platform they implemented and the flexibility of their staff in adapting to our changing needs.

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