BigCommerce For WordPress

Let Smart Solutions show you how using WordPress and BigCommerce together will turn your site into a selling powerhouse. Scale your business with WordPress on the front-end and manage tasks like catalog management, processing payments, and managing fulfillment logistics using BigCommerce on the back end.

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BigCommerce for WordPress combines the flexibility of the WordPress platform with BigCommerce’s robust commerce engine, making it possible for millions of merchants using WordPress to grow and customize their eCommerce websites like never before.

The Best of Content and Commerce

Using BigCommerce and WordPress, content-first brands and their developers gain the ability to build and manage commerce experiences directly on the WordPress platform, improving storefront performance and streamlining storefront management tasks.

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Having your BigCommerce products listed directly on your WordPress website allows you to do some really great content management around your products.

  • Create custom landing pages for products
  • Embed products into your blog posts
  • Boost SEO by having your site content and products on the same URL

But not only that. You get access to native BigCommerce features from a single plugin, the ability to sell across multiple channels and marketplaces from a single location, and best of all, an embedded checkout experience that takes on PCI compliance and customer security on your behalf.

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A Great Relationship for Us

As designers, we had a strong opinion on how our website should look and almost no idea how to design one.  Smart Solutions interpreted our design language and translated it into a flexible, usable website that responds well to our diverse markets. We still rely on Smart Solutions for help along the way from adding new features to advice on hosting and other technical aspects.

John Lange, Principal, Marketing, Hord Coplan Macht