The Future of Magento Open Source with Adobe

Will Magento Open Source Continue to be Supported with the Adobe Acquisition? Immediately after Adobe announced its plan to acquire Magento in May, the “big question” among retailers, agencies and others in the eCommerce space has been “What are Adobe’s plans for the Magento Open Source platform (previously Magento ... [read more]

Magento and USPS Updates

Security Updates Minimize Risk of Data Loss, Downtime and Hacks Below are the Magento security updates released this month. Learn about your options and keep your site secure. If you are a Smart Solutions Managed Solutions Plan customer, we are taking care of these updates for you and your ... [read more]

Mastercard 2-Series BIN

Mastercard has added a new series of credit card numbers called the 2-series. Until now, Mastercard Bank Identification Numbers (BIN) started with a 5. For example, 5424-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. Starting this year, Mastercard is issuing cards in the 22-27 range. For example, 2721-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. All webpage checkout software must be 2-series ready ... [read more]

Magento PayPal IPN Patch

Avoid PayPal Service Disruption – Magento Merchants Must Upgrade or Apply a PayPal Patch by June 30, 2017 If your store uses PayPal, you must upgrade or apply a patch by June 30, 2017 to avoid potential service disruption. Why? For increased security, merchants will only be able to ... [read more]