WordPress Website Development

It is competitive out there and web visitors have high expectations. It is no longer enough to simply “have” a website. Smart Solutions designs and builds engaging, mobile-optimized WordPress websites that convey your competitive differentiators, generate leads and make it easy for potential customers to quickly and easily learn about the services you provide.

WordPress Development Company

Effective, intuitive website design requires time and talent. Many businesses underestimate the value of a well designed, mobile-friendly, targeted website. Simply “looking nice” is no longer sufficient if you want to promote your brand and convert leads into customers.

Many WordPress web companies take short cuts by building websites using poorly coded templates. Templates might look attractive on the outside but they are very often slow, insecure, difficult to maintain and overloaded with plugins. To solve this problem and make content editing super easy, Smart Solutions developed a non-proprietary WordPress Flex Theme that provides quality and usability that cannot be found with a purchased off-the-shelf template.

  • We customize the WordPress dashboard for each client.
  • We do not bury content in programming that non-technical users cannot get to.
  • We build our sites so content editors can adjust the layout of their pages and update content without paying a developer.

  • Discovery
  • Strategy
  • Site architecture
  • Marketing and SEO goals

  • Content planning
  • Visual and UX design
  • WordPress development
  • Mobile optimization

Ready to Strategize and Create Your Action Plan?

If your WordPress website is under-performing and you want more than cheap and low-quality, let Smart Solutions help with your online renovation.